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  • Armchair Banker

    Armchair Banker

    Passionate about finance, investing, crypto, tech, and what’s happening in the world. Life long learner.

  • Dinanjana Gunaratne

    Dinanjana Gunaratne

  • CAKE Engineering

    CAKE Engineering

    The engineering team at CAKE, a Mad Mobile Company, building technology that is disrupting the restaurant and retail industries.

  • Ashan Fernando

    Ashan Fernando

    Solutions Architect and a Content Specialist. For more details find me in Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashanfer/

  • Paolo Perrotta

    Paolo Perrotta

    Author of Programming Machine Learning (https://pragprog.com/book/pplearn).

  • Dishan Metihakwala

    Dishan Metihakwala

    Software Architect — SyscoLabs Sri Lanka

  • Pasan Thilakasiri

    Pasan Thilakasiri

    a Simple man who’s trying to balance the Eastern and Western Ideologies.

  • Shanika Ediriweera

    Shanika Ediriweera

    Software Engineer | Computer Science & Engineering graduate

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