Introduction to Redis

Udara Bibile
7 min readJul 6, 2017

Redis is one of most known and used NoSQL databases among developers. Being open sourced it is equipped with over 20000 stars in GitHub and it’s found here. Redis is written in C and is mainly supported for Linux and related operating systems, but there are few ways to run Redis on Windows.

Let’s look at what Redis is used for and why Redis is different from other NoSQL databases.

NoSQL Databases and Redis

Redis is key-value database

Well contrary to popular belief, NoSQL actually mean ‘Not only SQL’.

Most of these databases doesn’t exactly define database structure like tables nor support queries such as SQL SELECT. NoSQL allows less restrictions on schema as data is mostly stored in JSON objects.

As shown in above table we can see that NoSQL databases can also be classified too. Each of these categories are for different use cases.

Key-Value database: Wikipedia

Here Redis is key-value database as shown. Each value in the store is mapped by a key. These values can vary from each other…